Sagamihara Grapplers

Sagamihara Grapplers stopped their activity in May 2024. No sessions are scheduled now. This page will be preserved for some time.

We are a non-profit martial arts training group called Sagamihara Grapplers. We train grappling/wrestling at Sagamihara City Gymnasium, Judo Room or Sagamihara Sogo Gymnasium, Judo Room in Sagamihara, Kanagawa-ken, Japan.

There is a large parking lot in the Gymnasium. It is free of charge for 2 hours or less. If you plan to park more than 2 hours, you can reset the time count by driving out of the parking lot and coming back again.

Our schedule is listed on the calendar below.

We collect from attendees 100 yen each time for a share of the reservation fee for a training in Sagamihara City Gymnasium.

The training will be done with bare feet with no shoes but INDOOR SHOES with soft and thin soles are OK. Relaxed cloths without metal parts, such as a T-shirt/rash-guard and short pants/training wear, are recommended. We usually do not use Gi, such as judo Gi or jiu-jitsu Gi. Since judo mats do not slip much, we recommend a pair of knee pads such as 1, 2, 3, 4.

Males and Females of all ages are welcomed.

Attendees do not have to join all the programs. Being late and leaving early are okay.

English speaker will join the training every time so novice trainers can learn techniques well.

If you are interested, please send a message in English in advance of your visit by clicking here or come directly to the judo room in the gymnasium.

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For cell phone users, click here for our training schedule.

In the above calendar,

市体育館 means Sagamihara City Gymnasium, Judo Room. Sagamihara City Gymnasium (shi taiikukan) is close to Sagamihara City City Hall and Sagamihara Depot of US Army. The address is: 1-2-1 Fujimi, Chuo-ku, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa-ken 252-0236. Yabe Station on JR Yokohama line is the nearest train station. There are locker rooms but no shower room here.

If you are taking a bus, get off at Sagamihara City Hall mae or Welness Sagamihara mae. You may take (1) No. 05, 12, 21, 25, 27, 28 or 29 bus from JR Sagamihara station, (2) No. 05, 25 bus from Sagamiohno station, (3) No. 27 bus from Soubudai mae station, (4) No. 21 bus from Odakyu Sagamihara station, or (5) No. 12 bus from JR Kamimizo station.

北総合体育館 means Sagamihara Kita Sogo Gymnasium, Judo Room. You need to buy a ticket that costs 260 yen at the gymnasium office. There are free parking spaces.

総合体育館 means Sagamihara Sogo Gymnasium, Judo Room. Sagamihara Sogo Gymnasium (sogo taiikukan) is close to Camp Zama of US Army/USMC. The address is: 2284-1 Asamizodai, Minami-ku, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa-ken 252-0328. You can use shower in Sagamihara Sogo Gymnasium. On weekends, attendees directly go to the judo room on the basement floor and pay 100 yen to our group. On Friday and Wednesday evenings, attendees should pay 300 yen each time at a counter in the Gymnasium, write the name, and go to the judo room. The parking lot may be crowded on weekends but you can park at parking lots for parks near the gymnasium.

If you are taking a bus, you may use (1) a bus from Sagamiohno Station to Joshi Bijutsu Daigaku (Women's Arts University) and get off at Sogo Taiikukan Mae (near Sogo Gymnasium), (2) a bus from Soubudaimae station to Kitazato Daigaku or JR Sagamihara Station and get off at Sogo Taiikukan Mae (near Sogo Gymnasium), (3) a bus fro JR Sagamihara station to Soubudaimae station and get off at Sogo Taiikukan Mae (near Sogo Gymnasium), or (4) a bus from Kobuchi station to Joshi Bijutsu Daigaku (Women's Arts University) and get off at Sogo Taiikukan Mae (near Sogo Gymnasium).

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